This Policy defines the terms and conditions for storing and access to information stored on the devices of the website’s users (hereinafter referred to as the „Users”) in the form of cookie files, which are meant to allow the User to review the Web Service operated by sp. z o.o. (ltd.) with its registered office in Warsaw, 1 Ks. Józef Poniatowski Av. 03-901 Warsaw, POLAND, registered within the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the Regional Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS#: 000639225, NIP# 5252678508 (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

  • Cookie files (the so called “cookies”) constitute digitally stored information – particularly text files – which are stored within our Web Service during each visit by a User with the use of an end device, allowing our internet sites to remember the User’s computer or other device and which are meant to allow for several purposes to be fulfilled.
  • The Company is the entity which places such cookie files on the end device of the Web Service’s User’s and gains access to those cookie files.
  • The Web Service’s server automatically registers the information sent by the User’s web browser while the site is being displayed. The server logs may include such information as network requests, IP address, type and language of the browser used, date and time of sending the request. This information allows for the quality of the Company’s service to be improved by identifying and storing the User’s preferences and following trends, such as, for example, any ways in which the Company’s websites are browsed.
  • Although most internet browsers automatically allow for cookie files to be stored on a computer, the User may forbid receiveing such files, which makes them anonymous. In such case one should remember that by not allowing for cookie files to be placed on their device the User may not take a full advantage of all functions of the Web Service.
  • In order to configure the options of the device used in the scope of accepting cookie files and define the scope of cookies stored, the User may make changes in the settings of the web browser they use (in most cases such option is available in the Tools or Preferences tabs of the browser).
  • The Web Service informs, that not making any such changes to the settings of the browser means that cookie files shall be stored on the end device of the User and that it will gain access to those files.
  • Information regarding cookie file management for particular browsers can be found on the websites dedicated to those particular web browsers:
  1. Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Chrome
  4. Opera
  5. Safari
  • Additional information regarding cookie file management can be found on such sites as
  • The Web Service of the Company uses several types of cookie files:




Enabling efficiency through …

§  compatibility (e.g. identification of the type of browser used);

§  optimization (e.g. measuring the time required to load contents of the Service);

Session -> those files are erased the moment the browser is closed

Increasing security

§  verification of whether the User’s device is securely logged in throughout the duration of their visit within the Service;

Session -> those files are erased the moment the browser is closed

Remembering preferences

§  improvement of the Service through e.g. personalization of content, welcoming the User or remembering the language they use;

Session -> those files are erased the moment the browser is closed

Analysis of the way the Service is used

§  collecting statistical data regarding, among others, the general number of visits, impressions and referrals to the Service;

Permanent -> those files are erased after an extended period of not vising the Service

Feedback from the Users of the service

§  withholding from displaying multiple Times of any messages which are of a one-time character once the User passes to another subpage of the Service;

§  withholding from displaying recurring messages for a defined period of time;

Session -> those files are erased the moment the browser is closed

Permanent -> those files are erased after an extended period of not vising the Service

Plug-ins / widgets

§  sharing content of the Service on social media;

§  making note of the interaction between the Users of the Service (e.g. with the use of a share counter).

Permanent -> those files are erased after an extended period of not vising the Service


  • The cookie files stored on the end device of the User of the Service may also be used by third parties for the purpose of offering additional functionalities to the Users. Using of the above tools or widgets may cause for cookie files to be gathered on the users’ devices with the purpose of facilitating the use of those services and ensuring, that interactions between users are properly displayed within our sites.
  • Cookie files as such include no information about the User’s e-mail, or their personal details. Analytics reports, which are used by the Company, may include other data, such as IP addresses, which are used for the purpose of estimating the number of unique users of the Service and trends, e.g. number of users from particular locations, without actually defining the User’s personality.
  • An exception to the above rule is regarding the use of forms, e.g. the contact form, i.e. completing and sending the form. In such case any data found within the form is filled in by the persons whom they are regarding. In such situation, when the User of the Service discloses information regarding their personal details, e.g. their address, electronic mail address, telephone number or fax, demographic data or other information allowing for identification, such information shall not be disclosed (for common use, for sale or within our network of contacts) to any external organization, unless we are authorized to do so, or we are obliged to do so as result of particular provisions of the law.
  • The User has the right at any time to review their data which is being processed by the Company, correct it and withdraw their consent for the processing of their personal data.
  • The Company is the administrator of the personal data which is disclosed by the User within the system.
  • The Service utilizes Google Analytics tools. More information about those tools can be found here: In order to give the Users of websites more control over the data which is being collected with the use of Google Analytics tools, Google has created aa browser extension which blocks Google Analytics. Although it should be pointed out, that such extension does not block any data from being sent to the website itself, or to other web analytics services.
  • In case of any amendment of the existing cookie polity the above items shall be modified accordingly.